Pharma USA 2023

Organisateur: Reuters Events
Lieu: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Etats-Unis
Site Web: aller
Date: de: 2023-03-28 à: 2023-03-29
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Patient-first. Collaborative. Data and insights driven. Digitally underpinned.

These are the qualities of a healthcare system that actively serves its purpose – yet instead, the US is hindered by mounting financial toxicity, unprecedented politicization of science and eroding public trust.

To capitalize on three years of extraordinary momentum and lead healthcare’s reform, pharma must embody the traits that healthcare needs to thrive and restructure in pursuit of change.

Seize the moment at Reuters Events: Pharma USA 2023 to lead pharma’s internal revolution and drive this critical systemic transformation. Join 1200+ of North America’s visionary pharma changemakers, leading solution providers, patient experts and industry heavyweights to catapult commercial excellence, ingrain patient-first strategies into the heart of pharma’s fabric and heed the long-awaited rebirth of America’s healthcare system. 

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