SAWC- Surgeons Around the World Conference 2022

Organisateur: IFMSA-Poland Warsaw and English Division Student Government (EDSG)
Lieu: Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Pologne
Site Web: aller
Date: de: 2022-11-01 à: 2022-11-30
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“Surgeons around the World" is a Surgical Conference for all students of the Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) that will be held in November 2022. It is being held in cooperation with IFMSA-Poland Warsaw.

The conference will be held in English. The first day of the conference will be held online and will feature surgeons from various surgical specialties all around the world talking about interesting cases as well as their experiences in their own countries.

The second day will be in-person and will give WUM students an opportunity to present their surgical case studies either from a internship abroad or from their own countries to a panel of surgeons from various specialties.

This conference was organized to facilitate international cooperation and research involvement among WUM students in order to blossom soft skills that can be used during and after medical school.

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