AI in Medical Affairs Summit 2021

Organisateur: Momentum Events
Lieu: Virtual event,
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Date: de: 2021-12-01 à: 2021-12-02
Coût: 795 - 1095 USD
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While many areas of the pharma industry have begun to adopt AI with implementations in drug discovery, clinical trial operations, and finance, there has been little progress made with AI in medical affairs. However, this trend won’t continue given the tremendous benefits. For example, AI tagging allows companies to capture large amounts of field data in one place, produce real-time data entry and views and identify trends quickly.

Due mainly to the COVID-19 pandemic, migration to digital health has been promoted rapidly to provide care to patients without risk of contagion in health centers. Consequently, this has brought the acceleration of medical AI ventures and the explosion of ideas in the field.

For Medical Affairs, AI-driven tools unlock all manner of possibilities to improve or support commercial benefits and patient outcomes. The challenge is to be aware of the available technologies and adopt the ones that will best achieve your organization’s goals. This event is designed to help your organization leverage insights from your real-world data using a human-centric AI approach, machine learning, and advanced forecasting and optimization to understand patient experiences better and gain insights from KOLs and HCPs. Join us to gain a competitive edge and formulate the best digital strategy for your Medical Affairs team that aligns with the current AI developments; leverage AI to arrive at the best decisions and insights needed for success.

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